Setup Completely Wireless in your home

Is it possible to hook up everything wirelessly?

Whether for aesthetic or practical reasons, most people don't like running wires around their entire home to, say, get online or hook up a home theater. We can help you to removing as many as possible, replacing wired solutions with wireless alternatives. We help you choose the best and most appropriate Wi-Fi connections or improve your signal at home for max. coverage.

Computers, laptops, game consoles and TVs can connect via a network (LAN)

A wireless bridge is really just a second Wi-Fi router that connects to your main Wi-Fi router wirelessly, then shares its connection with any devices such as computers, laptops, netbooks, iPad, xbox, playstation, wii, home entertainment systems and more.

Found your wireless speed is slow? There's a problem with your settings!

Many Wi-Fi routers default to the same channel, which means that channel can get busy if you've got a bunch of Wi-Fi routers in the vicinity of your home (congested traffic). We can help you detect the problem and change a channel with less interference.