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Is your PC grinding to a halt? Does your computer takes forever during start up or advertisement windows pop up unexpectedly? It could be spyware or even worst a virus. Maybe your computer is being compremised and your valuable data is being stolen seemlessly. We can find, detect and rid all unwanted presences in your computer. We can even show you how to get FREE Anti-virus software! To prevent spyware, trojans, malware or viruses from coming back, we will show you all kinds of FREE spyware removal programs at NO cost.

Do you have Online Banking? Someone might be watching over your shoulder! Contact us now.

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Anti-Virus Installation The Internet is a dangerous place for computers. Surfing the Web with no or outdated anti-virus software is just like sky-diving with no parachute. Our technician will install and configure your anti-virus program. Ask about how to obtain a FREE Antivirus software. No annual renewal fee! $129 with No free software $69 with free software
Spyware Software Installation Install spyware program(s), detect any spyware, trojan, virus and remove it. $329 $99

Did you know that your USB drive can be infected with malware or spyware and spread to every computer when you plug the USB thumb drive? Rogers High Speed Internet and Bell Sympatico can suspend your account if they noticed your Internet traffic is abnormally high due to computer infection!

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Your computer slower than normal? Your computer stops responding or locks up often? Applications crashing? Takes forever to boot up? Wallpaper, browser's homepage changed unexpectedly? If this is true, don't wait.

Call us at (416) 567-1181 or email: and have a technician come to your place to clean it.

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  • Sam Lee: “The service has been spectacular. My computer was very slow and sometimes cannot boot up, but they fixed and cleaned it. They also tought me how to prevent viruses, spyware, malware. Thanks!”