Community Support

Computer Squad knows that not everyone can afford having their computer repaired or you may need your computer fixed during the difficult times. Hence, we have been helping poor individuals and non-profit organizations with computer support and/or web development at a discounted rate or even wavied all the fees.
When our customers purchased a new computer, sometimes they will donate their old computers to us. We refurbish the old computers, make sure they are useable, and redistribute them, firstly to schools, secondly, to charities and not-for-profit organizations, and thirdly to low income people across the Greater Toronto Area. Why reuse first? Reusing technology not only has environmental benefits, it also supports social and economic benefits as well.

Tell Us why you need our support

Send an email to indicates why you need our technical support. We will review your request to determine if you eligible for our FREE onsite tech support. In Computer Squad, our mission is to provide professional technical services to our customers, regardless on their wealth.

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